This week the big news was that NFTs were dead. As with most of the news this does not comply to my day to day experience with NFTs. In contrary! NFTs are booming. Only not to get rich overnight.

I feel the urge to write something about Hic Et Nunc. I am really enjoying making and buying NFTs there. It feels like a wonderful playground where you can experiment with art and NFTs. It is a real easy going market with people who love to collect and give. And you can start collecting with nearly nothing as there are many opportunities to grab yourself some free art. If you pay attention you can collect a lot of bargains, many artists play with the prices, like the first 10 for 0.1. Then the price goes up. So many possibilities to play around. And the secondary market is definitely there. 

I aped in with 30 euros. Started selling NFTs right away and now I have a nice collection of all kinds of art. All incoming Tezos I am using to buy art and expand my collection.

Tezos (XTZ) blockchain utilizes a liquid proof of stake (LPoS) Consensus that is much more energy efficient compared to Ethereum’s proof of work (PoW). That is why its non-fungible token marketplace operates in a far more efficient manner.

Introducing the first energy-efficient marketplace, Hic et Nunc

This marketplace was developed by Brazilian developer Rafael Lima. It attracted the attention of many artists and crypto enthusiasts who treat environmental issues seriously.


I would recommend you to go for Kukai wallet. I personally started with Temple wallet but had a lot of troubles with it. Since I use Kukai my actions on the blockchain always go through.

Need help as a creator

If you are a creator and want to try it out but do not want the hassle with exchanges and all to start you can hit me up and I will give you some tezos to get you going. You only need to sell one Nft to expand your tezos reach. 

Get to see the top pieces in my collection!

Oncyber is a platform where you can showcase your NFTs in a 3d environment.   Worth a minute of your time!

HEN collection on oncyber



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