Crypto Artists are a whole new breed of people trying to make a living while following their passion!  The tools are there so are the platforms and communities. If you really want to pursuit your financial freedom then now is the time. New eco systems arise each and every day and only some will make it. But let’s not worry about that and make sure we enjoy our journey to a new free world.

Forget everything you know

Crypto art is new and fresh and unexplored. Don’t bring your old bagage to the table. Pioneering new possibilities and opportunities with an uncluttered viewpoint. When there is an official course with so called experts who are going to tell you how things are you know you are late to the party



Never follow up advice without thinking it over

Seems like a no brainer, right? Just remember that all advice is not good advise. And you are not the same as the adviser. And your circumstances are different as well.


Don’t be scared of critics, it will only make you stronger!

Be honored if someone takes the time to critique you, you did get attention. I am much better in preaching then practising I must admit. But I am trying to get over that fear If you don’t bring your art to the public you will never know….

When your not sure throw it out there, you will be surprised!

What you think is not soo great can be appreciated a lot by other people. I get it a lot with pieces I think are great I get not too many likes and with some I think this is crap but lets put it out anyway and bam it’s an instant hit. Well.. More likes then I normally get.

You are not your art, your art is you!

Don’t get too identified with your art it will only cause pain. And you are soo much more than your art, never forget that! And while we are at it, best to not identify with anything for that mather.

 No One perceives things exactly the same as you. So be prepared!

I noticed in my life that for a lot of people it’s hard to grasp that people have other tastes then themselves. They just simply cannot believe that people don’t like the things they like. Well reality check, as many people as many tastes and likings. And realise that 80 percent likes what the majority likes. Too afraid to admit they like something everyone else seems to hate.

 Always keep going!

But most important of all, just keep going. You WILL get better in everything you do a lot. And if you don’t stop and keep going eventually you will hit the Jackpot. Or not, but then you can say you didn’t stop trying…..

And I think that is the most important thing. Keep going. You will become better in what you do. And that’s a FACT!

Please do not take any of this seriously and just do your thing. Thrust the universe instead of your brabling ego which is confusing you with utter garbage(most of the time)…

I hope you enjoyed the read and see you on the other side.

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