I have this idea for a new kind of organization especially for people who have troubles fitting in. A place where creative people can play and create.


  • Green screen studio where we can record for NFTs, internet TV, 3D.
  • Server room: Various servers for setting up various nodes. (mining coins and supporting various crypto projects.) Here people can also learn a lot about this new phenomenon.
  • 3D printers
  • Closed room without clocks specially designed for programming and people who appreciate a quiet environment.
  • A large office space for all creative workplaces that can function in a busy hectic environment
  • A place with a stage for performances and events.
  • DJ Radio booth from which broadcasts are being sent 24 hours a day, live or not.
  • DJ Booth. Here is just DJ gear and cameras. Here we can stream DJ sets live.
  • Spaces where people can have conversations. In this room also cameras so that if necessary this can also be used as a podcast room.
  • Room with game computers and cameras. A kind of booth with green screen behind the seat. Built-in cameras.

We call this the back office together with production. Behind the scenes. All supporting people will also be behind the scenes. Such as psychologists and social workers but also other support functions such as administration and all other serious tasks.

Then you could simultaneously do a kind of shop combined with catering. Which in turn produces workplaces and offers opportunities. And a physical vendor for all kinds of things that we are going to make. Then you can think of T-shirts, various prints, of course art and whatever you can think of. Serve delicious dishes from all over the world. Make it interactive with the internet. Throw fun parties with good DJs from all over the world. Combine virtual and physical. I see it as a place where you as a content creator have all kinds of cool things for making amazing photos and videos. Virtual reality.

We are now entering a time where virtual will increasingly be combined with physical reality. With the tools we have here, we can organize and launch large virtual events. Then you can think of concerts, dance parties, conferences, workshops, etc.

The market for virtual objects in cyberspace will become much larger in the future. I can still remember very well that a colleague laughed at me for an hour that I had paid 350 euros for a virtual crossbow in 2014. Everyone who grew up with the internet sees it completely differently.

I am thinking of a global movement.

Who can come here to work/internship/daycare?


But the key is a mix of all types and flavors so that the stigma “I have to keep acting normal” is being removed. In this manner people can perform in their own flow without pressure from above. Pressure from above must go.

At the same time, I want to offer all who are involved help with all kinds of stuff in personal lives if needed of course. Win and help win for the whole community.

A place where it is not surprising that someone is away for a few months once in a while because everything is not possible at that moment of time. A place where there is always someone who listens to your ideas and dreams with an open mind and does not immediately come up with their “so-called reality”. Everyone has their own reality. And that is the reality.

A large creative hub where technology and creation come together.

These are unfiltered fantasies. But I am sure there is support for this. I am looking for people worldwide who would like to embark on this adventure with me.

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